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Bankura, with its heart and soul in its culturally rich rural landscape, offers the tourists and visitors a breath of fresh air. The district takes immense pride in its art and temple architecture, lush green forests, and beautiful scenic hills. It lies in the Rarh region of West Bengal and is internationally well-known for the Bankura Horse - a terracotta crafted horse, and for Dashabatar Tash the historic paintings . Bankura district is nestled on the Eastern Chhotanagpur Plateau. It is dotted with intricately constructed terracotta temples surrounded by old brown hills and meandering rivers, a setting that is straight out of a fairy tale. Whether you are a holidaymaker, backpacker adventure traveler, a food traveler, a cultural tourist, or simply an exhausted urban dweller, Bankura offers a treat for everyone. Among the most famous temples of Bankura are Madan Mohan temple, Shyam Roy temple, Ekteswar Shiva temple and Sonatapal Sun temple. Jairambati temple, situated next to the divine Damaodar river is dedicated to Sarada Devi and attracts crores of devotees of the Ramakrishna Monastic Order. Bishnupur is a famous municipality in Bankura district, known for its terracotta temples, Gharana music, and Baluchari saree. The classical dance and music festival called Bishnupur Mela hosted by the city every year is an experience that one should not miss. Mukutmanipur, situated at the confluence of rivers Kansabati and Kumari, is a home to tribes like Santhal, Bhumij Sardar and Munda, which indulge in a variety of dance of forms such as Pata, Dasai, Ranpa, Karam, Raibeshe, Jhumur etc. They play musical instruments like Dhamsa, Kendra and Madal. The famous Mukutmanipur Loksanskriti Mela held every January is a fun-filled tribal display of folk songs, dances, cultural functions, and a variety of local artefacts. Additionally, Mukutmanipur is a famous nature destination that comprises the Kangsabati Dam the second biggest earth dam of India and the Kangsabati Water Reservoir, forests and hillocks. The hills at Biharinath and Susunia are spots of natural wonder and an ideal destination for trekkers and adventure seekers.


Sutan Forest

Sutan Forest

Sutan forest, stretching across 6 km is a visual wonder, covered by the dense vegetation of Sal, Piyasal, Mahua, Palaash, and Simul. It is placed at about 60 km from Bankura via Ranibandh-Jhilmili road. The forest surrounds the tribal village of Sutan. While the vibrance of Palaash and Krishnachura flowers raises the spirits of the dwellers and tourists alike, the enchanting drumming sounds of the musical instrument Madal emanate from the village after sunset and bring an invigorating calm to all souls. The full moon nights at Sutan forest are mesmerizing. The forest is surrounded by quiet and peaceful hills, thus becoming an ideal destination for a short vacation. A forest bungalow perched atop a small hill enables the tourists and visitors to appreciate the serene beauty of the entire area. A few steps lead the tourists from the bungalow to a lake where they can enjoy boating in the still waters. There is also a trekker s hut about 9km inside the forest, on the bank of the lake.