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Purulia is a land of natural beauty. The lush green landscape, verdant hills and dense forests make it a perfect tourist destination that gives peaceful surroundings to weary city dwellers. This westernmost district of West Bengal is part of the Chotonagpur plateau which unravels her untapped mystery and wondrous beauty. The landscape is rocky and undulating. The tourism of Purulia attractions center around its hills, forests as well as its archaeological excavations and the relics of ancient buildings and temples. Tribal ethos enriches the mystic charm and natural beauty of this land of red soil and red blooms of Palash. The region is home to different tribal communities like Santhals, Kurmis, Kherias-Sabars to name a few. Song and dance are an intrinsic part in the lives of the tribal people. Jhumur songs and dance known for its lyrical and literary significance because of the use of ancient language. Different Jhumur songs are sung at different times of the year. The Chau dance is another inseparable part of the rituals and the festivities of Purulia. This folk dance Chau is popular among Santhals, Kumars, Mahatos, Kalindis and Sahish communities are the rare, masked dancers of chau represents the essentially local culture. The use of beautiful masks and the exclusive style of dance, make-up and colourful costumes have made this dance popular all over the world. Many consider this form to be a kind of martial art because of the physical strength and agility involved in dancing.